Customer Story – Private home

The Need

A private home in Finland needed air purification due to indoor air quality problems, caused supposedly by mold in the house. The need for air purifier was temporary, until the house was renovated and the problem was fixed.

Used Air0 Products and Services

Air0’s Clean Air as a Service rental model fit the family needs perfectly, as the need was only temporary.

Air0 Purifier smAIRt®600 was used together with the Air0 IAQ Monitoring service.

The customer says:

”About the air purifier, we would like to say it was golden – it efficiently removed smells from the room, it is easy to use and not too noisy. Also, the appealing looks is a plus. A purifier worth every euro!

The sensor unit provides good data. For example, it was very easy to see when it’s needed to level up the purification or ventilate the room, when the monitor goes orange.”

Image: stock (not related to the case)

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