When you want to go the utmost carefree with your indoor air, your choice is Air0 Total. With Air0 Total, all you need to do is to enjoy breathing clean air. It’s the one service covering all – air quality monitoring and fully automated air purification.

Air Quality Monitoring & Analysis

Air pollution does not always cause symptoms to people – not every time and not for every one. It is however as hazardous to each one of us. Human body does not have any ability to indicate the ultrafine particles in the air. Those are, however, the most harmful ones, as they can pass by all natural gateways in our body and break straight into blood circulation.

Not sure about your air quality? We will monitor and analyze it. It’s better to be safe and sure what you breathe. Our service includes real-time indoor air quality data monitoring and analysis.

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Air0 Total – Clean Air as a Service

The utmost carefree way to enjoy clean air is Air0 Total, a fully automated air purification system. Air0 Purifiers will automatically adjust their operation according to the air quality monitoring data received from the sensors, keeping the air quality always at the desired level. Automation also enables additional energy savings. It is also possible to create weekly or daily schedules for air purification via Air0 App.

Air0 Total includes air quality monitoring service, fully automated Air0 Purifiers and Air0 App. All system components are connected via Air0 Cloud. Compare our product and service offering at summary below.

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The utmost carefree way to enjoy clean and healthy indoor air – this is how it works

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Air0 Purifier Monitoring & Analysis Air0 Total
Air quality monitor
Real-time data about your indoor air quality
Reports about your indoor air quality
Air0 Purifier(s) according to your needs
Clean and healthy indoor air
Manually controllable air purification
Fully programmable air purification
Fully automated air purification
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Two models, infinite possibilities.

Air0 Purifiers are made to clean the air effectively in rooms up to 150 m2. Two models, infinite combinations. Take a closer look at our products!

Our products

smAIRt® excellence explained

The patented smAIRt® filtration system has four levels and the unique technology brings the best out of mechanical and electrical filtration. As a result, indoor air is purified efficiently in the whole room. Read more about our technology! 

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