Air0 Oy and Jokerit Hockey Club Oy have signed a long-term collaboration. The partnership aims to maximize the safety and performance of Jokerit and the visiting ice hockey teams by providing clean and safe indoor air.

Quality Leads the Way

”Corona virus and other viruses, as well as bacteria, have a significant impact on the well-being of people, but we at Air0 look at the air quality in a wider context. There are also multiple other pollutants in the indoor air which affect our health and reduce the performance of athletes. By starting this collaboration, we can now offer our know-how and technology to Jokerit to optimize the safety and performance during training and games” says Valle Kulmala, the CEO of Air0.

Locker rooms of Jokerit and the visiting team are being purifier with the new Air0 PURE600 air purifiers. At the same time, the air quality is being monitored to verify that it stays at the desired level. Both the air quality monitors and the purifiers are connected to Air0 cloud based system, so that the players, coaches and the whole team taking care of the players, as well as, Air0 can follow the air quality and conditions in real time. Coaches can also utilize the collected data afterwards via different analyses.

”For us the well-being and optimal conditions of the athletes are a primary concern. We went through several different alternatives but ended up choosing Air0’s solution, since the reliability of the technology and products was the most important thing. Also, the possibility to combine the new solution as a part of the daily life and development of the athletes was very important. Naturally we also want to guarantee the best possible conditions for the visiting teams”, summarizes Jukka Räisänen, the Director of Partnerships at Jokerit.

More information:

Valle Kulmala, CEO, Air0 Oy, +358 40 741 1417

Jukka Räisänen, Director of Partnerships, Jokerit Hockey Club Oy, +358 40 040 3013

Jokerit Hockey Club Oy is a Finnish ice hockey team that has been found in 1967. Jokerit played in the Finnish ice hockey league until 2014 and has during its history won the Finnish championship six times (1973, -92, -94, -96, -97 and 2002) ant the European Championship three times (1995, -96 and 2003). Since 2014 Jokerit has been playing in the best ice hockey league of Europe, KHL, and has every season advanced to the play-offs. The average amount of spectators during normal conditions in the home games of KHL has been about 10 000 spectators per game, which makes Jokerit the largest ice hockey team in the Nordic countries. 

Air0 Oy is a Finnish health technology company concentrating on solutions for clean and safe indoor air. The company’s professional level indoor air purifiers are manufactured in Finland and they offer an extremely efficient and high-quality air purification solution even for bigger spaces. Air0 is also offering wide range of solutions for continuous metering and monitoring of the indoor air quality. Air0 indoor air purifiers and air quality metering devices have been integrated as a part of cloud based Clean Air as a Service concept. It enables remote control and monitoring of all the devices, versatile programming and automation options for the air purification, automatic alarm system as well as analyses and reports of the air quality and air purification data.