Welltek, the leading provider of products that support wellbeing in the workplace, introduces Air0 – the next generation of air purification to the UK market. Air0 Clean Air System is a complete air purification solution ensuring that indoor air is clean and safe to breathe.

Indoor air is polluted by multiple everyday sources including traffic, smoke, bacteria, viruses and chemicals. Not only will polluted air make people less productive and feeling dizzy or tired at work, but it will also cause an elevated health risk of lung cancer, strokes, and other respiratory illnesses. Also viruses and bacteria are able to travel in the air spreading infectious diseases. With effective and high-quality air purification, indoor air can be cleaned both from viruses and other harmful pollutants.

High-end health technology solutions for workplaces in the UK

The co-operation between Air0 and Welltek was signed just in time before the pandemic forced the UK under lockdown. The timing is more relevant than ever, as the world has probably never been as aware of the invisible threat in the air as it is now forced to be.

The UK offering covers all Air0 Clean Air Services: indoor air quality monitoring, fully automated and programmable air purification and the Clean Air System that combines the both elements into one centrally managed IoT system solution.

Neil Jenkins, Managing Director of Office Blueprint Ltd, owner of the Welltek brand, says:

– We are very excited to start this co-operation with Air0. We have been focusing on health and wellbeing for offices and other commercial settings for some time now, and Air0 Clean Air Services fits perfectly into our Nordic I strongly believe clean air will be the next big thing, and we have seen the interest growing already among  forward-thinking companies.

Valle Kulmala, CEO of Air0 Ltd, says:

– People can choose not to eat rotten food and not to drink dirty water, but we are forced to breathe the air with all the pollutants in it. There is not much what an individual can do about the outdoor air pollution, but luckily, we can clean the air indoors. That is where we tend to spend the vast majority of our time anyway. We are very pleased to provide our services now also in the UK via the new co-operation with Welltek.

More information:

Valle Kulmala, CEO, Air0 Ltd
valle.kulmala@air0.fi, +358 40 741 1417

Neil Jenkins, Managing Director, Office Blueprint Ltd
neil@officeblueprint.co.uk, + 44 7753 858652

Office Blueprint is a London-based furniture company specialising in commercial interiors, acoustics, and workplace flexibility. The company was established in 2003, with the founders coming from within the industry, and the  combined expertise spans over three decades. Office Blueprint has a large range of design-led office furniture to create the perfect blueprint for an inspirational office environment. Its solutions help improve productivity and wellbeing in the office, as well as project a modern image reflecting your brand identity. Its unique combination of excellent furniture design, coupled with proven workplace technology, allows you and your team to focus on what is important – your work. Welltek is an Office Blueprint brand focused on enhanced wellbeing.

Air0 Ltd is a Finnish health technology company founded in 2013. With decades of experience within technology development and aerosol physics, the Air0 team has developed state-of-the-art air purification solution. Focusing on business and public sectors customers’ needs, Air0 has created a perfect tool to ensure clean and healthy air is available where we spend the majority of our lives – indoors. The solution is designed to fit the most demanding customers’ needs; no compromise is done for the design nor the performance. Air0 is here to make a difference. Feel the luxury of clean air – Breathe Finland™.

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