Customer story – School in Janakkala, Finland

Indoor air quality issues in the school building

An elementary school in the municipality of Janakkala, Finland, has been a property with indoor air quality problems for some time already. To keep the school property in use, the maintenance team had applied some air purifiers in the classrooms.

“We have had air purifiers from different manufacturers, but in some of the classrooms feedback on the indoor air quality issues nonetheless continued. That’s why we were still interested in finding new alternative solutions for clean indoor air.” Jukka Tuominen, Property Maintenance Engineer, says and continues: “We got a recommendation for Air0 air purifiers, and decided to give them a try.”

Indoor air quality monitoring to determine the current situation

The school wanted to give Air0 a real challenge and test the air purification first in the most problematic classrooms. These classrooms already had an air purifier, but feedback on bad indoor air had nonetheless continued. Before applying Air0 Purifiers, Air0 Indoor Air Quality Monitoring service was used to monitor indoor air quality with continuous measurement sensors in these classrooms, keeping the other brand’s air purifiers on at the same time.

Measurement data proved that most of the classrooms monitored did not indeed have good air quality. After a few weeks of monitoring, Air0 air purifiers were introduced for these classrooms, while continuing to monitor the indoor air quality.

Experiences on the Air0 Clean Air System and Expert Reports

Weekly schedules were set for all the Air0 Purifiers to provide a nice and quiet air purification with power level 2 during daytime when students are attending to the classes. Prior to the start of each school day, the classroom air is cleaned with the most efficient turbo power level.

“The most important thing in the air purification schedules is that the purification level can be set according to the use of the classroom. Our previous purifiers have been just constantly on, as there has been no possibility to set any purification schedules.” Tuominen comments.

Indoor air quality monitoring is an essential part of the Air0 Clean Air System. “We have been monitoring the air quality data through Air0 Web. We have also received expert reports of our indoor air quality from Air0, which we found particularly useful.”

The indoor air quality was improved based on both the measurement data and the feedback from the classroom users

Continuous indoor air quality monitoring provides also information on the effects of the air purification. The measurement data showed improvement in indoor air quality in all classes during the use of Air0 Purifiers. In addition, a sudden increase in fine-particle concentration was found in one classroom, the cause of which was quickly found to be a change in the use of the room.

“In addition to the improved air quality measurement results, we also conducted a survey for the teachers in these classrooms. Every teacher said they felt that the indoor air was better after we replaced our old purifiers with the new Air0 air purifiers.” Tuominen comments with satisfaction.

It’s not just indoor air quality data, but also Air0 Purifiers can be monitored through the Air0 App and Air0 Web portal. This will ensure that all the Air0 Purifiers are always running on the purification schedule as planned. The benefits of the remote management and monitoring are biggest in larger properties like the school, where there are lots of people using the rooms, and someone might, for example, unintentionally unplug the air purifier, stopping the purification possibly even for weeks.

All the features of the Air0 Clean Air System have been developed to fulfill its most important purpose – to efficiently purify indoor air in all rooms and spaces.

“Based on the positive feedback and true improvement in the indoor air quality, we decided to replace our existing air purifiers with Air0 purifiers.” Tuominen concludes.

Photo: Air0 archives