Kundaliinijooga Helsinki is a highly appreciated yoga studio located in Helsinki, Finland. Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. Breathing plays a very important role in Kundalini Yoga.  

Read the thoughts and comments of Mr. Kuldip, the co-owner of the Kundaliinijooga Helsinki, about Air0 air purification.

Customer Story – Kundaliinijooga Helsinki

The Need

Kundaliinijooga Helsinki is a highly appreciated yoga studio in heart of Helsinki. The daily yoga and breathing classes are held in a studio room located in the basement.

“The problem we had is related to the space in the basement. The air was very still and you know – you could “smell the yoga””, explains Mr. Kuldip, the co-owner of the studio.

Providing the best possible experience for the customers is very important for Kundaliinijooga Helsinki and clean air is one of the fundamental elements in a successful yoga experience.

While any structural changes in the building or ventilation system were not an option, Kuldip started to look for different stand-alone air purification solutions.

Why Air0

As the need for some kind of stand-alone solution was evident, Kuldip went online to look for air purifiers to rent.

“When I found Air0, I felt that “this is it”. First, I was very impressed by the four-level filtration system. When I contacted Air0, I also immediately felt that I was heard. The customer service is personal, nothing like you’d get from a corporate”, says Kuldip, and continues: “Of course, it’s a beautiful unit too. I could see it to fit our studio perfectly.”

The results

After few months of using Air0 Purifier, the yoga studio has nothing but positive feedback on Air0.

“We have now been using Air0 Purifier for few months, and I love it! I am basically a “health nut” and breathing clean air is one extremely important part of healthy life. I can’t imagine our studio anymore without our Air0 Purifier“ Kuldip endorses, and continues “I have received a lot of positive feedback from our teachers and customers. They feel lighter, better energy in the studio, and the breathing exercises are so much more convenient now. It is such a difference to what we had before.”

The Air0 Purifier was seen as upgraded service level for the yoga studio and has become important part of the customer experience for Kundaliinijooga Helsinki.

“We like to clean the air with turbo mode before the yoga class, and during the class we set it for more convenient noise level of 2 or 3. Often I even control the fan levels during the yoga class.” says Kuldip. “We are proud to provide our customers clean air together with Air0 and let our customers know it on our website – “Clean air provided by Air0.””

– Kuldip, co-owner of Kundaliinijooga Helsinki, Somatic Bodywork Therapist,
Advanced Martial Arts Instructor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher