Recent findings indicate that air purification may offer additional help in the fight against the coronavirus. In short, it now seems coronavirus may transmit via air, and remain infectious for up to three hours. Effective air purification can catch the viruses from air and thus can provide additional protection also against the coronavirus.

Coronavirus may remain viable and infectious in the air for hours

Very recent studies1 found, that the new coronavirus can remain viable and infectious not only on surfaces, but also in the air, in aerosol form for up to three hours. Compared to previous common understanding, this will now cause additional threat to workplaces and other indoor areas, as infection can be transmitted also without droplets and contact. The risk is higher to employees and customers especially in healthcare and critical customer service areas, such as pharmacies and grocery stores.


Effective air purification can catch the coronavirus from the air

Viruses are extremely small, usually around and below 100 nanometres. It is commonly known fact that due to their extremely small size and mass, viruses travel in the air attached to other particles. These particles can vary on size, the smaller the particle the longer it usually travels. The main point is that catching the particles also means also catching the viruses. If the air purifier is using filters and the filters are inorganic, the viruses will die within few hours to some days.

How to choose an air purifier for fight against the viruses

The air in a room can be effectively cleaned only by continuously circulating it through an air purifier. There are two key conditions that must be met to succeed in the effective air purification:

First, the air purifier needs to produce enough clean air. Technically it means both filtration efficiency and air flow should be high, resulting in a very high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). To put it simple, only the air circulated through the purifier can be filtrated, so even the highest filtration efficiency won’t help alone if the air flow is not sufficient. Generally, the whole air volume of a room should be fully circulated through the air purifier at two to five times per hour.

Second, the air purifier needs to filter efficiently all particles sizes, including even the smallest ultrafine particles, from the air.  It is highly recommended to ask for third party test results as a proof for the filtration efficiency for the different particle sizes, especially for the particles below 0.3 micrometres in size.

Air flow x filtration efficiency = the amount of clean air per hour

Effective air purification from Air0

Air0 Purifiers are designed and made in Finland and tested by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The patented smAIRt® technology is a unique combination of electrical and mechanical air purification technologies. As a result, smAIRt® purifiers have an extremely high CADR value even for the smallest particles. Thus, Air0 Purifiers can provide additional safety in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

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Effective air purification against coronavirus from Air0