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Corporatum is a venture capital firm, operating globally in 20 countries. For a demanding job and long hours at the office, it is crucial to keep the mind sharp all day long. This is where breathing clean air plays a big role.

Read the thoughts and comments of Aaron Michelin, the Chairman and Managing Director of Corporatum Oy.

The Need

When it comes to office environment, I think clean air is often forgotten or assumed it can be taken for granted. Office might be equipped with the nicest furniture, paying attention to ergonomics and comfortable atmosphere. Important too, but the most important is forgotten; the quality of the air we breathe at the office all day long. That is probably because the air is invisible.

As an executive, I spend long hours at the office, and I need my mind to stay sharp all day long. It is also important for me to keep healthy and avoid any unnecessary sick days. Clean and fresh indoor air plays a huge role in this.

Our office is situated in an old building, where the air circulation is not the on the best level and the air gets easily a bit stuffy. In general, we were not happy with the indoor air quality. That is why we decided to look for an air purifier.

Why Air0

We chose the Air0 Purifier for a few reasons.

First of all, we were convinced by the technology, and the fact that they had such an excellent test results in third party tests. Secondly, with bigger size, the purifier is powerful enough to clean the air in the whole office.

I also think it is a rather stylish choice for an office, but honestly, the most important thing for me is that it works.

The results

We have been very satisfied with Air0 – both the service and the product. The purifier is silent and easy to use, and it does the job. I have noticed a significant improvement in our air quality at the office. There is no dust in the air and the air feels fresh and clean.

Our Air0 Purifier is always on, whenever we are at the office, and we intend to keep using it in the future too.

Aaron Michelin, Chairman & Managing Director, Corporatum Oy

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