Our body needs 3 ingredients to thrive – food, water and air. We eat 1-2 kilograms of food and drink 2-3 litres of water in a day. But we inhale 12,000 litres of air – 24,000 breaths of about 0.48 litres with each breath. This amounts to 14 kg of air inhaled each day, more than food and water combined.

While we can live without food for 3 weeks and water for 3 days, most of us would not make it across the 3-minute mark without air. If even that far.

After you stop to think about this for a while, it sounds very logic that bad air affects our health, our productivity, our cognitive and emotional well-being and our performance. Air affects how we are and how we develop.

This is the first blog post published by our company, Air0. Being already four and a half years old, one could argue that we are slow. The reason for the long timeline is however in our Finnish mentality: we are technology oriented, systematic and thorough people. I guess this has something to do with our harsh and long winter – if one hasn’t showed these characteristics, the nature has taken its toll.

As my plane landed to Beijing yesterday I was greeted by a grey haze outside the windows. Having been here several times, I was quite used to it, but maybe it was the loudly coughing Chinese gentleman in front or the contrast to the Finnish summer with the cleanest air on the planet, as stated by the World Health Organization, I caught myself staring outside and thinking about our company.

Getting to this point has required extensive amount of work. Even with the vast knowledge that our team has. From an idea to a plan, from testing to measuring and improving and finally from technology to products. When one is not ready to compromise on quality, this takes time. And by going through all the struggle, we have wanted to make sure that our customers don’t have to.

Finally, even with our Finnish uncompromising attitude, now we are ready. Ready to come public and say that we can help. Help you to Breathe Finland™ as we are doing. This is something that our smAIRt® indoor air purifiers were created to do. They were designed, so that like us Finns, you don’t need to compromise on your health and well-being.

World Health Organization has already stated that air pollution is the biggest single environmental health risk for human beings. It is not a problem you only face in China. It is not a problem you only face in Asia. It is a global problem: nine out of every ten people live in polluted air and as we spend on average 80-90% of our lives indoor, indoor air has the biggest impact on our health.

Now this sounds like a big challenge. And it is. But we are happy to take it on. And as Finns, I can guarantee that we will never give up.

Let’s continue the work,
Valle Kulmala
CEO, Air0 Oy

P.S. Would you have any questions, needs or thoughts regarding air quality or air purification, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help. Also be sure to check our pages for further announcements and read our blog, there will be a lot of interesting things heading your way.

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