Safe indoor environment for employees and customers – Citywork chose Air0 Clean Air Service

Citywork is a nationwide staffing and recruitment company in Finland, that employs more than 2,000 employees annually and operates in eight different locations. The company’s ideology is to guarantee its customers that the lack of human resources does not become an obstacle to growth and that there is an optimal workforce at work to support profitable growth.

Read on to find out CEO Ville Kulmala’s thoughts on how they ended up choosing Air0 air purification and indoor air monitoring to support their business.

Citywork valitsi Air0 ilmanpuhdistuksen

Citywork wants to secure safe indoor environment for its staff and customers

 “We at Citywork are guided by our shared values. The most important thing for us is the success of our employees and customers, the solution-oriented way of working and the people”, starts the company’s CEO Ville Kulmala.

The interest in purchasing air purification solution arose from the desire to secure the well-being of employees at the offices of Citywork, located in somewhat polluted downtown areas. Clean indoor air not only reduces sick leaves but also improves work efficiency and general well-being.

“Our offices are mainly located in the city centres where air quality tends to be worse”, explains Kulmala about the origins of indoor air quality issues. “In addition, some of our employees have seasonal allergies and air purification also has a positive effect on their condition and ability to work.”

Possible airborne transmission of coronavirus accelerated the decision making

According to recent studies, the novel coronavirus can be transmitted also airborne. Especially in closed indoor areas fine particles – and thus viruses – remain in the room for a long time if not purified.

“The final purchase decision was accelerated by the prevailing coronavirus epidemic. We meet a lot of people in our work and want to keep our offices safe to work and visit by all means”, Kulmala continues.

Air0 Purification to secure indoor air for long term

The company made thorough comparison between different air purifiers on the market. When the aim is to genuinely improve the quality of the indoor air, the choice really matters.

“We mapped out different options ranging from household appliances to such professional devices like Air0 air purifiers. Although the corona epidemic may have triggered the final purchase decision, our goal is to permanently improve the indoor air in our offices”, Kulmala explains.

“According to our study, Air0 technology is the best on the market and especially the purification performance per one device was unmatched. We can secure the critical customer service facilities of our offices with only one device.”